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The Last Stand: Dead Zone

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The Residence is a type of location that can be searched in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.


Small urban residence.


Formerly a home for the citizens living in Union City, it was abandoned during the outbreak. In their haste to evacuate, its inhabitants have left quite a bit behind, which may have survived the bombing and looting. While most of it would have been considered junk then, they're treasure to survivors in need of resources.

Possible findsEdit

  • Some food and water can be found in the kitchen area, while household junk can be found throughout the residence.
  • Some low-grade medical items may be found here.
  • Components and construction resources may also be present, but are less common.
  • Weapons and gear are rarely seen here, but it is possible to find them.

Level calculationEdit

The level of a residence is always two levels lower than the area it is located in.


A residence area is small and generally low risk. Often, it will be the first area a new player attempts to scavenge in. Completing a mission successfully in a residence is generally not difficult — just be sure that survivors stem the flow of any zombies and scavenge quickly. Most residences should only require two survivors at most to effectively clear it, though it is doable with just one.

It is worth noting that survivors using long-range and low-capacity projectile weapons like rifles will struggle more than others in a residence, due to a lack of open areas to pick off enemies from a distance. Zombies also have the potential to turn a corner and surprise a survivor reloading their weapon.



  • The texture of the walls may change from mission to mission, although the layout generally remains according to the variant.
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