Resolute tactic
Resolute Tactics

The Last Stand: Dead Zone


Tactics Manual


+2% Suppression Resistance


30 Minutes

Resolute Tactics is a Tactics Manual featured in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.


Techniques to help soldiers remain calm under fire.


Military training can teach soldiers how to use guns, engage in combat, and form and execute plans, but nothing prepares soldiers for the real monster on the battlefield — enemy gunfire. While most soldiers might panic or even freeze, veterans recommend the use of mental approach, lying to yourself that the situation is not that bad or engaging oneself in self-breathing exercises. Every effective soldier has their own method of keeping themselves together during the heat of the situation; those who wet their pants at the pop of a balloon probably shouldn't have enlisted in the first place.

While this manual has useful tips from veterans all over the world to keep it cool when the going gets rough, it also notes that nothing replaces true experience. It has also been criticized by psychiatrists for failing to adequately cover PTSD.

How to obtainEdit


It increases the suppression resistance for all survivors by 2%.

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