Richardscorpse sdw

Richards' corpse lying on the subway platform.

Richards[n 1] is an NPC in The Last Stand: Union City. He was a member of Union Security.


After the outbreak began, Richards panicked and unknowingly ran off with the key to the Union Security gun cage, leaving them without access to their heavier weaponry and ammunition. If the player talks to Todd Stephens, he will give them a quest to find Richards.

Quest - Security FailureEdit


Talk to Todd.



Enter Penhock Station. Keep walking right, but don't enter the train yet. At the end of the subway platform, you will be able to see Richards' dead body. Search his body for the key.


The player gains access to Union Security's gun cage.


  • Like zombies, Richards' appearance (facial hair type, hair color, skin color, hair type) will change randomly upon encountering his body. However, his clothes will always be the same.
  • He appears to be the newest member of Union Security.


  1. Richards is usually used as a surname, while Richard is a first name. It is not known whether this person was called by his last name, or he was deliberately named that way.
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