Riot Helmet
The normal version

Riot Helmet Visor
The visored version

Riot Helmet

The Last Stand: Union City


Head accessory


3 lbs


Normal, Visored


Reduces damage taken to the head



The Riot Helmet is a type of helmet featured in The Last Stand: Union City. It appears as a black helmet resembling the PASGT helmet, and is typically worn by riot control officers and SWAT teams. It has two versions, one with a visor and one without.

Zombified members of these groups still wear the visored version, along with the Kevlar Vest - Police and their uniforms.


Normal versionEdit

Police grade riot helmet. Provides protection against small arms fire.

Visored versionEdit

Police grade riot helmet with visor.


Helmets are one of the oldest forms of personal protection, and have played a crucial role in human history, guarding the heads of brave soldiers on the battlefield since ancient times. This modern version is designed for firearm-ruled warfare, and features ballistic armor and a mount assembly to attach various accessories, in this case, a visor.

Issued to SWAT troopers and riot control officers of the UCPD.


It reduces the amount of damage taken by the player from all attacks that hit the head. Similar to the Military Helmet and HERC Helmet, the Riot Helmet weighs 3 lbs.

How to obtainEdit

The visored version can be purchased at the Uptown King-o-Pawn (and from lucky finds/zombie drops), while the normal version is only a lucky find. Chances of finding these increase the with the luck and searching skills.


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