Safehouse sybmol

The safehouse symbol.

A safehouse is a type of location featured in The Last Stand: Union City. It is the only place where the player is allowed to sleep. They usually contain supplies such as ammunition, food, weapons, and sometimes other survivors, with whom the player can interact with to accept quests. Zombies do not spawn in safehouses, making them good places to regenerate health.

Safehouses have beds, which the player needs to use to sleep in Survivor mode and to heal in both Run & Gun and Survivor modes. Tiredness reduces the player's Precision and Intellect. Safehouses also contain Storage Footlockers, which enable the player to drop off items and pick them up later at any safehouse.




Canal ParkEdit





  • The Freewill Unionist Church is on Stanton Drive. There is an SOS sign hung on the front. Inside, there is a Note, and the doors to the sides are unusable, despite having the interaction icon.

Whistler's ForestEdit


Zombies in Safe House

A glitch that allows zombies to enter a Safehouse

  • There is a glitch where zombies sometimes spawn in a safehouse if the player enters the safehouse right when a zombie rush occurs.
  • Union Island is the only area in the game that does not have a safehouse.