Scavenger MF TLS-DZ
Class Info
Weapon Specialization Pistols
Bonuses Highest Scavenging Speed
Penalties Low Health
Low Combat Skills
Special Ability Up to 2% more item drops on missions

The Scavenger is a class available for survivors in The Last Stand: Dead Zone, introduced in Info File #2.


How quickly you can get what you need to survive can mean the difference between life and death. Scavengers get in, grab what's needed and get out. At close range they're equipped to defend themselves if necessary.


The Dead Zone still bears the scars of the bombing campaign and looting carried out after the outbreak. Finding anything usable within the wrecked remnants of the city takes persistence and luck, which these skilled scavengers have in abundance.

Their expertise at combing through the wreckage of civilization makes them indispensable to any survivor group, as scavenging is the only method of obtaining much-needed equipment and resources. Whilst combat is not their forte, they are definitely capable of defending themselves in-between scavenging runs with short-ranged defensive weapons.

Scavenging requires all their concentration, making them vulnerable to zombie attacks whilst doing so. They will require protection from other survivors, who will in turn require the Scavenger's expertise at finding things to survive in the Dead Zone.


Scavengers are the fastest at scavenging of all classes, making them invaluable during missions in larger areas. They are also decently fast, allowing them to move from container to container more quickly. Without them, not every item may be scavenged within the small time limit imposed on every mission. In addition, they have a scavenger-only ability that increases the chances of items being dropped.

However, their health and combat skills are only average at best, meaning it is best to keep the Scavenger focused on scavenging while the other survivors protect them from zombies, especially since they cannot defend themselves whilst doing so.

They work well with any combat-focused survivor class, who can provide much needed protection whilst the Scavenger is working.

Recommended EquipmentEdit


  • Pistols and bows are decently accurate and relatively quiet which, when combined with the specialization bonus to accuracy and damage, allows them to quickly bring down zombies without drawing too much attention.
  • Shotguns are decently accurate and hit hard, which is further helped by the specialization bonus to accuracy and damage, allowing Scavengers to bring down any zombies that make it past their protectors.
  • Melee weapons in general, especially blunt weapons for the specialization bonus to accuracy and damage, to allow them to defend themselves from any stray zombies without drawing any extra attention.


  • Hand Wraps and Gloves allow them to scavenge even more quickly, reducing the period in which they can't fight back and increasing the margin of error for completing the mission.
  • Shoes allow them to move from container to container more quickly, as well as to avoid zombies.
  • Vests compensate for their low health, especially useful since their specialized weapons are all short-ranged.
    • The Scavenging subtype is exclusive to the Scavenger and combines the benefits of the Hand Wrap/Gloves with that of the Vest.


  • They're equipped with large backpacks and satchels, presumably to store the items they manage to scavenge.
  • They don't wear any improvised armor, thus explaining why they're not as durable as Fighters or Engineers.
  • It's possible that the Scavenger is either a reformed bum/looter/thief or an ordinary civilian forced by necessity to have skills, perception, or luck in searching, as they are quite talented at finding things but lack the combat skills and health that would imply combat training or extensive experience.
  • The survivor corpses which can be found in various locations in the Dead Zone presumably belong to dead scavengers, since they wear similar clothing and accessories.


  • Info File #2
  • A female Scavenger
  • A male scavenger
  • A scavenger searching for supplies
  • The description of the Scavenger in the Training Center and Class Selection screen
  • Mug shots of a scavenger

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