The Last Stand: Dead Zone



The Shoelace is a component in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.


A shoelace.


Shoes and boots protect the feet from the nasty environment of the ground, whether it be a gravel road, a steep mountain cliff, a flow of molten lava or a prairie of snow. The quick, frequent, and repetitive movement of the feet and legs, however, often allow shoes to slip and slide off, rendering them a nuisance when their wearer has to stop and put them on again. Shoelaces are commonly used to prevent this, tightening the shoe or boot and holding them firmly against the foot. Shoelaces are laced into the shoe or boot by running them through holes or eyelets just above the tongue. The two ends of the shoelace are not laced and are instead left dangling, with enough slack for the wearer to tie a knot. These ends are equipped with an aglet to make it easier to lace the shoe.[1] Most shoes have six pairs of eyelets (twelve in total), and there are two trillion ways of lacing said pair of shoes.[2]

Can be yanked off any shoelace shoe or bought separately in footwear accessory stores.

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Recycling productsEdit

  • Cloth x 5

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  • Interestingly, recycling shoes does not yield shoelaces.
  • Despite popular belief, shoelaces were not invented by Harvey Kennedy in 1790. Shoelaces were in widespread use hundreds of years before Kennedy.[1]
  • The tip of a shoelace (called an aglet) is often incorrectly called a "Flugelbinder."[1]


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