Shoes are a type of footwear featured in The Last Stand: Union City and are a type of gear in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.

The Last Stand: Union City

They are only cosmetic items in this game. They come in Black and Brown, and are similar in appearance to Sneakers, but without striping.

The Last Stand: Dead Zone

Shoes DZ

In this game, they have become a type of gear, which provides benefits to the survivor that equips them.


Appropriate apocalyptic footwear.


Whether you`re running from a horde or hiking your way through debris and wreckage, a good pair of shoes could mean the difference between life and death; because a well-oiled firearm will serve you little if you're forced to traipse painfully across an infested landscape.


Increases movement speed by a percentage, depending on the Shoes' level.

Variants can also alter health by a percentage.

How to Obtain

  • It can be scavenged during level 2+ missions.
  • May be craftable later on.

Available Conditions

  • Dress, which increases movement speed by 1%.
  • New, which increases movement speed by 1%.
  • Training, which increases movement speed by 3.5%.
  • Running, which increases movement speed by 5%.
  • Sturdy, which increases health by 2.5%.
  • Work, which increases health by 5%.
  • Old, which decreases movement speed by 2%.
  • Damaged, which decreases movement speed by 2.5%.
  • Ruined, which decreases health by 5%.


Shoes are not particularly useful to many classes, since most survivors are already fairly quick on their feet. Their best use is to counteract the Fighter's low speed, allowing them to move quickly into advantageous positions.

They can also be useful on the survivor tasked with scavenging on a mission- typically a Scavenger; the increased movement speed can speed up scavenging by letting them move from item to item faster. However, this is generally not as effective as using the Hand Wrap.

Shoes can also be useful in large locations, where it can be necessary to have your survivors cover great distances quickly in order to get into position.

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