Tlsdz ski-mask black
Black variant

Tlsdz ski-mask navy
Navy variant
Tlsdz ski-mask green
Green variant
Ski Mask - White
White variant


The Last Stand: Dead Zone


Black, Navy, Green (2015), White (2017)


+1% Health (normal)
+12.5% Health (white)


Anywhere (normal)
Limited (white)

The Ski-mask is a type of accessory featured in The Last Stand: Dead Zone. It is a "three-hole" ski mask, which covers the entire face and parts of the neck except for the eyes and the mouth. When first introduced in 2015, it came in three colors—Black, Navy, and Green (referred to as "Khaki" in the description). In 2017, as part of the Operation Whiteout update, a special White variant was introduced.


A [color] three hole ski-mask.


Warming ski-mask in white, can be worn under most head gear.


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In addition to altering a survivor's appearance, it also provides a 1% boost to their health. The white variant increases this boost to 12.5%.

How to obtainEdit

  • Supply boxes
  • Packages
    • Thanksgiving 2017
      • A black variant can be found in the 15,000 Fuel Black Turkey Sale ($65.90 USD).
      • A black variant can be found in the 7,000 Fuel Black Turkey Sale ($32.90 USD).
      • A black variant can be found in the 2,500 Fuel Black Turkey Sale ($13 USD).
    • Z-Mas 2017
      • A white variant can be found in the Whiteout Clothing Cache ($13.90 USD).

Recycling productsEdit


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