Tlsuc sleep meter

Sleep is a character statistic and an action in The Last Stand: Union City.

Players can sleep on a bed in any safehouse for up to 10 hours at a time. The player can select the amount of time they wish to sleep by selecting a bed and dragging the pointer to the length of time they wish to sleep. The longer the player sleeps, the more sleep they will replenish. Players can also regain sleep by consuming No Zzz pills, although the pills will not work if they have 0% sleep.

Sleep is a requirement in Survivor mode, and if not replenished when low, it will penalize the player on their Precision and Intellect skills. However, players will not pass out or die if they get too tired. Sleep is not a requirement in Run & Gun, although players are still able to sleep in a safehouse. In all modes, sleep restores the player's health and stamina.

An achievement called "Sleepy" is awarded for sleeping 50 hours.

Sleep levelsEdit

Level Percentage
V.Well Rested 88% - 100%
Well Rested 63% - 87%
Rested 38% - 62%
Tired 13% - 37%
Exhausted 0% - 12%