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Tlsdz small warehouse
Small Warehouse

The Last Stand: Dead Zone

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Area + 1



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The Small Warehouse is a type of location that can be searched in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.


Storehouse of goods, mid-sized interior.


Much like their bigger cousins, these warehouses were often used by local or small businesses to store and distribute goods for other businesses throughout Union City. With the zombie apocalypse showing no signs of ending soon, survivors should check out the nearest warehouse should they be in need of any resources.

Possible findsEdit

Level calculationEdit

The level of this building is always 1 level higher than the area it is located in.


This decently sized map has two zombie spawns positioned at opposite corners, close to the majority of containers. Splitting up survivors to cover both while the designated scavenger gets to work is advisable, unless the survivor team is underpowered or is too small to make this viable.

Long rifles and assault rifles work well here, due to the clear lines of fire available. Shorter ranged weapons are also viable, thanks to the relatively small size of the map.


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