The player's spouse is a major character in The Last Stand: Union City. If the player is male, their spouse will be female and named Bethany. If the player is female, their spouse will be male and named Matthew. Their last name in either case will be the same as the player's chosen last name.

Quest - Find Bethany/Matthew[edit | edit source]

The Apartment[edit | edit source]

After exiting their car after the crash in Pinedale, the player mentions that they have to find their spouse.

Once the player reaches Brookvale, they will mention that the apartment they live in is over at the next block. Upon reaching their apartment, the player finds their spouse isn't there and they must search for clues about where their spouse went. There is a note written in blue on the wall on the far left side of the room, which the player inspects.

The Hospital[edit | edit source]

The note was written by their spouse, and says that they have gone to Union City South Hospital to help out, implying that their spouse works there. The player sets out, heading for the hospital, which is located in Canal Park. After searching the hospital, the player is informed by a nurse in the safehouse on the top floor that the player's spouse, along with most of the other survivors at the hospital, have been taken by the military to the Stadium for quarantine.

The Stadium[edit | edit source]

After moving through both Newtown and Uptown, the player reaches the Stadium, which is controlled by HERC and the military. They find out that their spouse has been relocated somewhere else. After finding their spouse's bag, they seek assistance from a man named Barry, who has suspicions about HERC. The player raids their command post, discovering that those who were relocated were sent to Union Park in Uptown, where a HERC outpost has been established.

HERC Outpost[edit | edit source]

With Barry's help, the player escapes the quarantine on the Stadium and reaches Union Park in Uptown. After rendezvousing with Barry in a safehouse in the basement of Harrison & Harrison, they enter a sewer that leads into the HERC Outpost. The player fights through infected in the sewer and 4 HERC troopers in the outpost itself until they encounter the remains of gruesome HERC experiments.

The player's spouse is held in a nearby tent, and once freed, they make their escape from the outpost. On the way out, the player learns that their spouse had been bitten by a zombie while in the hospital. They then decide to travel to the Docks and find a boat to escape the mainland.

The Docks[edit | edit source]

The player and their spouse eventually make it to the Docks, where Jack, the main character of the previous games, is holding out in a small safehouse with Jane, Shawn, and Dana. After talking with Jack, the player finds out that HERC had destroyed most of the boats, and the remaining boats were on Union Island and have been sealed off by HERC with a concrete wall.

Jack then tasks the player with finding explosives in an overrun military base in Waterside, so they can blow up the wall. The player leaves their spouse with Jack while they search for the explosives. After they are retrieved and given to Jack, he and his comrades blow through the wall, allowing the player and their spouse to run over the bridge to Union Island.

Escape From Union City[edit | edit source]

Whilst they make their escape, a massive zombie horde moves in to follow them. The player and their spouse run for their lives until they reach a pier, where Jack and Dana have made it safely there. While Dana holds off the zombies, the player and their spouse get on the boat there, and sail off. However, the boat stalls, and as the screen fades to black, a familiar growling sound can be heard....

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • While their appearance generally remains constant, their skin tone will change depending on the player's character's skin tone.
  • Zombies will ignore the spouse, and the spouse will not attack zombies.
  • At the Stadium, Barry will refer to the spouse as "her" and "she" even when referring to Matthew.
  • It is implied by the familiar growling sound that the spouse has succumbed to the infection and became a zombie, or is at the very least very close to turning.

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