This article is about the district in The Last Stand: Union City and The Last Stand: Dead Zone. For the PvE event held at the Stadium itself, see Terror Dome.
Stadium tlsuc

The Stadium on the TLS:UC map.

The Stadium is a section of Union City in The Last Stand: Union City and The Last Stand: Dead Zone.

The Last Stand: Union CityEdit

Milstadiumgate sdw

The military guarding the entrance to the quarantined Stadium. (TLS:UC)

It is the smallest area in the game and has a danger level of 10. It is also where the first human enemies, in the form of HERC doctors, make an appearance. Zombies only appear around the front entrance to the Stadium.

Ballpark DriveEdit

  • There are 4 soldiers guarding the entrance to the Stadium. One of them can be talked to, and is named Sergeant Williams (the other three can be shoved, and sometimes they will die).


  • Next to the entrance is Dr. Smith. Private Kowalski guards the door to the right.
  • Upon entry into the registration office, the player cannot go back. Private Simmons explains to the player that the area is quarantined, and thus are not permitted to leave.[n 1] Kate Hammond, the registration officer, must be talked to. There are 2 notes behind her, and they must be read to continue. Corporal Martinez guards the door to the field. 
  • On the field, there are 5 NPCs, Anna Williams, Ryan Taylor, Steve Hutton, Carol Dawes and Barry Wilmott. The spouse's bag can also be found here, to the right of Steve and Anna. The entrance to the restrooms are at the very left.
  • There is a vending machine with a few cans of soda and 2 notes here. Private Ramirez guards the restrooms. The women's bathroom is empty. The men's bathroom is also empty, but has a door leading to the maintenance room.


HERC Command Post[n 3]Edit

  • First room is a footlocker with a large stockpile of ammo.
  • Second room contains a hostile HERC scientist and a Note, which must be eliminated and read to move on, respectively.
  • Third room contains a Spec Ops UMP45, a Thor, and some Shells. The room is guarded by two more hostile HERC Scientists.

The Last Stand: Dead ZoneEdit

It unlocks when the Leader reaches Level 9, and has the most Security and Street locations of any area in the game. The Stadium building itself is home to the Terror Dome competition, and is unlocked when the Leader reaches Level 15.


  • In TLS:UC, if the soldiers guarding the stadium entrance, aside from Sergeant Williams, are killed, zombies will spawn as normal outside and will not enter the building. In addition, if the soldiers were killed by the player (via shoving), they will respawn only if at least one of them was kept alive. They will die when first shoved; however, if the player shoves them, then quickly quits and reloads the game, they will be invincible.
  • In TLS:UC, Sergeant Williams is a player interactable NPC, thus he will not attack zombies, and zombies will ignore him.
  • In TLS:UC, when first talking to Barry on the field, he will refer to the player's spouse as "she" and "her" even if the spouse is Matthew.
  • The HERC scientists shoot 5 rounds at once when attacking the player or their companion.
  • In TLS:DZ, there is a building that looks like a gun store, located just to the north of the Stadium building, though it is inaccessible.


  1. If the player positions their cursor carefully at the door behind Private Simmons and press "E", it will display a notification stating that a key is required to open the door. Since there is no actual key to the door, it remains unpassable.
  2. Due to a bug, the player will have to speak to Barry twice in order to continue.
  3. To reach the HERC Command Post, you must first go through the first service tunnel, into the second, access the first door you find, and go up the ceiling hatch. The outpost is on the right.
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