Stalwart Long Range Tactics

The Last Stand: Dead Zone


Tactics Manual


 +3% Projectile Resistance
+3% Effective Range


 1 Hour

Stalwart Long Range Tactics is a Tactics Manual featured in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.


Tactics for improving protection during long range engagements.


You and your crew are returning from a successful mission, bags filled with all sorts of goods. But then, BAM, someone is shooting; an ambush!. Raiders initiate the ambush by taking someone down and a lots of bullets flying in all directions. What should you do? If cover is not available, immediately assume the prone position and assault through the ambush using fire and movement. While moving makes you a difficult target, it does not mean you won't get hit so try to move, seek cover and return fire as much as possible before the raiders really take you down. Do all of this until you and your crew moves out of the kill zone, forces the enemy to withdraw, or destroys the ambush.

These tactics were taken from guides written by active service soldiers and officers.

How to obtainEdit


Increases Effective Range by 3% and Projectile Resistance by the same percentage.

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