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The State is the region where the events in The Last Stand series take place in. While it exists in all games in the series, it is only explored in-depth in The Last Stand 2, where Jack must traverse the state to reach Union City.



The state may be largely based around the Appalachia region, as hinted by the deer and forests depicted on the map in The Last Stand 2. It consists of 7 major towns or cities, which are connected by a series of roads. A river snakes through the middle of the state, emptying into a larger body of water to the east, likely the Atlantic Ocean, though this has not been confirmed. The western part of the state appears to be more rural, with the locals favoring hunting for game due to their close proximity with the forests, while the eastern part is more populous and urban, with large cities such as Union City and Jonestown making up almost 90% of the total population in the state. This is possibly a nod towards "BosNYWash", a theoretical megalopolis on the eastern U.S. coast.


The state is only referred to in the series as "The State" — the actual name, if any, is unknown.


The state is presumed to be in the United States of America, as Independence Day is celebrated in Union City, as seen in The Last Stand: Dead Zone. Day 021 of the TLS:DZ Story Timeline also describes "US military forces take control [of Glendale]", which explicitly indicates that the state is part of the United States.

Towns and citiesEdit

The state consists of 7 towns and cities, listed below in order of population.

  1. Union City (pop'n 350,148)
  2. Jonestown (pop'n 100,027)
  3. Claysburg (pop'n 60,044)
  4. Glendale (pop'n 20,420)
  5. Whistler's Grove (pop'n 10,913)
  6. Aspenwood (pop'n 1,204)
  7. Fort Tran (pop'n unknown)

While not explicitly stated, it is very likely that Union City is the capital of the state, as it is the largest and most populous of all cities. It is also the focus in The Last Stand: Union City and The Last Stand: Dead Zone, furthering this probability.

With the exception of Union City, Jonestown, and Claysburg, all of the towns appear to be mostly suburban and/or rural, with smaller densities.


The state appears to be a multicultural state, as survivors and zombies of different appearances and skin tones can be found in all games in the series.

The obesity rate for the state appears to be fair, with obesity more common in the eastern portion of the state.

Sports and recreationEdit

Ucfootballposter sdw

A poster in TLS:UC revealing the "Jonestown Militiamen" and "Aspenwood Hunters" football teams.

The state appears to be a fan of American football, with Jonestown and Aspenwood having their own football teams — the "Jonestown Militiamen" and "Aspenwood Hunters", respectively. It is possible that Union City also has or once had a football team, as the Stadium in Union City is set up to be a football stadium.

Glendale is presumed to be a popular hunting spot in the state, as there is a book in The Last Stand: Union City titled Glendale Hunter. Baseball may also be a popular pastime in Glendale, as the description for the baseball bat in The Last Stand: Union City refers to a "Glendale Plugger brand" bat.

It is possible that Whistler's Grove is a popular home for repairmen, as suggested by the Whistler's Grove Handyman book in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.


The towns and cities in the state are connected by an interconnected system of roads. Very little is known about the roads themselves, as the map in The Last Stand 2 only depicts them as dirt roads. However, the intro movie in The Last Stand: Union City shows the player driving down a paved, two-lane road with an unpaved shoulder, which is a common sight on U.S. state highways and U.S. Numbered Highways. It can be presumed that most roads in the state are of similar design.

Appearances in The Last Stand seriesEdit

The Last StandEdit

Little information regarding the state is revealed in The Last Stand. The diary entry for Day 10 reveals that there is a location in the state called "Emerald" that has a prison.

The Last Stand 2Edit

The Last Stand 2 has the most references to the state out of all games in the series, as the main character, Jack, must traverse the entire length of the state within 40 days to get to Union City. All major towns and cities in the state are revealed, and each one of them can be visited. It is also the only game with a map detailing the entire state.

The Last Stand: Union CityEdit

Fewer references to the state are found in The Last Stand: Union City, as the game focuses more on Union City itself. Nevertheless, many references to the locations in The Last Stand 2 can be found, such as the description for the Baseball Bat and the Glendale Hunter book.

The Last Stand: Dead ZoneEdit

References to the other towns and locations in the state can be seen in the story timeline that appears while a mission is loading.

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