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The Stimulants is a component in The Last Stand: Dead Zone, introduced during the 2018 Winter Wasteland update.

Description[edit | edit source]

Invigorating and activating ingredients used in stims and tonics.

Background[edit | edit source]

Stimulants is an umbrella term that covers many drugs that enhance awareness, endurance, productivity, motivation with an increased heart rate, blood pressure, and a diminished desire for food and sleep. Examples like painkillers, caffeine, nicotine and amphetamine are available both legally and illegally and come in many forms. Stimulants, however, are often subject to abuse, which may cause the body to reduce significantly its production of natural body chemicals that fulfill similar functions and can cause depression, lethargy and confusion (usually referred to as a "crash"), and may provoke continued reuse of the stimulant.

Used for[edit | edit source]

Recycling products[edit | edit source]


Obtained from[edit | edit source]

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