A storage box. (TLS:UC)

Storage is a feature in The Last Stand: Union City and The Last Stand: Dead Zone.

In The Last Stand: Union City, the storage allows the player to store items which can be later can be picked up at any safehouse. This allows the player to keep items that they have no immediate use for, but may want to use later. A maximum of 30 pounds may be stored (increased to 60 pounds with the Survival Kit). This is also where achievement rewards and items from the Survival Kit are placed.

In The Last Stand: Dead Zone, storages are buildings that hold ammo, food, water, wood, metal and cloth. They are absolutely necessary in each compound, as they hold required resources for survival. All storage buildings can be looted from in raids, so it's best to keep them protected. See Category:Storage Buildings for a list of storage buildings.


  • The weight limit can be exceeded when achievement items are placed. For example, the HERC Biohazard suit weighs 15 lbs. If there are already 20 lbs of items in storage, then there can be a total of 35 lbs in there. This does not permanently raise the limit, however; if the suit was taken out, it cannot be placed back inside the storage until it was under the 30 lb limit.
  • There is an item called undefined that, if placed in storage, either allows an unlimited number of items to be stored, or resemble an item with infinite weight, preventing anything else from being added.
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