Strength is a character statistic in The Last Stand: Union City.


Physical strength. How much damage you can do with melee weapons and how much you can carry. Also increases shove distance.


Strength increases the damage dealt by melee weapons and the distance a zombie is pushed back by a shove. The player's Max Carry Weight is also affected, at a rate of 20 lbs per point, unless the player has the Military Backpack, which increases it by 40 lbs per point. Each point of Strength also increases both the current and maximum level of the Blunt and Blades skills by 1 point, up to a maximum level of 127.

The player's strength level is decreased by a maximum of 10 points due to hunger. If the player levels their strength attribute to 20 and then waits until it drops to 10 due to hunger it can be increased to 20 again. If the hunger penalty is removed, the attribute is then 30 and increases the skills connected accordingly.[clarification needed] This enhances the bonus damage of melee or blunt weapons.