Not to be confused with Suburban Street.
Suburban Block on the map
Suburban Block

The Last Stand: Dead Zone

Level calculation

Area + 3



The Suburban Block is a location that can be searched in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.


Residential block in the suburbs.


Much like their smaller counterparts, these blocks were filled with the sounds of commuting cars, playing children and eager paperboys, when families still lived in the small but comfortable homes that lined them. The arrival of the zombie infection came unannounced, sweeping through like a tsunami, catching the residents of this peaceful landscape by surprise. These blocks now echo the failed attempts of evacuation, with some of the residences' former owners still protecting their homes from curious survivors.

Possible findsEdit

Level calculationEdit

The level of a Suburban Block is always 3 levels higher than the area it is in.


Survivors always start at the southernmost corner of the map with the Exit Zone located on the north corner. A massive map with several zombie spawn points scattered along the residences or the edges of the map, survivors should move together as there is plenty ground to cover and most searchable containers are located in the backyards of the residences. Without a proper scavenger, it is highly unlikely that players will be able to search all the containers.

Due to the size of the map, rifles, LMGs and/or assault rifles are recommended.


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