For the subway station in The Last Stand Union City, see Penhock Station.
Tlsdz subway station
Subway Station

The Last Stand: Dead Zone

Level calculation

Area + 1



Likely finds

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The Subway Station is a type of location that can be searched in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.


Underground subway station.


This underground system was once an important means of transport for the people of the suburbs, providing a rapid transit route into the inner city and back. However, since the undead arrived, many people have tried to flee through the subways and became one of the many zombies to roam the underground, waiting silently for those who dare to enter these dark tunnels.

Possible findsEdit

  • Food and water are likely to be found here, along with some weapons and gear.
  • Junk items are less likely, but can still be found.

Level calculationEdit

The level of a Subway Station is always 1 level higher than the area it is in.


Even though the map is small, it can still spawn many zombies. Keep at least two other survivors near the scavenger so they don't get swarmed and incapacitated. The rest of the group can be placed on the other side of the map to make a "safe zone". Shotguns and assault rifles are the recommended weapons for this map, but long-ranged melee weapons are also viable if ammunition is in short supply.


  • Interestingly, a few posters from TLS:UC are featured in both variants of the subway station.


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