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Tlsdz superior seasonal steel
Superior Seasonal Steel

The Last Stand: Dead Zone



The Superior Seasonal Steel is a component in The Last Stand: Dead Zone. It is only available during the Z-Mas event.


This is most definitely useful for something!


Zombie Santa is back, and he's got bigger and better treats for those on his Nice list this year! Santa's elves have been working hard at the workshops of the North Pole to bring you this upgraded, shinier version of the famed Seasonal Steel! Waste no time — put that steel to good use before your workbench cools down!

Only available in late December.

Used forEdit

Recycling productsEdit

  • Metal x 50

Obtained fromEdit

  • Can be crafted using:
  • Packs of 10 can be crafted using:
    • 30 Superior Seasonal Steel Scraps
    • 500 Metal
    • 30 Fuel
  • Packs of 50 can be crafted using:
    • 150 Superior Seasonal Steel Scraps
    • 2500 Metal
    • 150 Fuel
  • Likely scavenging locations:
    • Anywhere
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