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Survivor Pants

The Last Stand: Union City




3 lbs


Cosmetic only


Survival Kit only

The Survivor Pants are a type of clothing featured in The Last Stand: Union City. It is only available to the player through purchasing the Survival Kit.

They are very similar in appearance to the jeans worn by Jack throughout The Last Stand series. The pants are grey/black in color, and have a large tear in the right thigh section.


Popular survivor's pants


True survivors are not afraid to give up anything to survive. They lose food, water, weapons, friends, and shelters. It does not matter. The only thing that matters is survival. They get cut, bruised, scraped, and attacked. Doesn't matter... keep going to survive. It doesn't matter whether the shirt they wear is torn, the pants snagged by barbed wire, and their hair given the most unfortunate haircut. When you're a survivor, survival is number one.

Found in the wardrobes of hardcore survivors, who managed to survive the harshest disasters, but not their pants.

How to obtainEdit

It is only available to the player upon purchasing the Survival Kit, where it defaults in the player's Storage.


It is purely cosmetic and does not affect gameplay.

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