T-Shirt - Dead Zone
T-Shirt - Dead Zone

The Last Stand: Dead Zone


Cosmetic only



The T-Shirt - Dead Zone is a special variant of the T-Shirt featured in The Last Stand: Dead Zone, available on the fifth anniversary of the game.


A very comfortable t-shirt. A 5th Anniversary gift.


Fight, rebuild, and survive in Con Artist Games's greatest game yet: The Last Stand: Dead Zone. Taking place in post-apocalyptic America inside a fictional metropolis formerly known as Union City, the player is tasked with commanding a survivor compound, running scavenging missions in order to find the basic necessities of life. Equip yourself with a selection of 150+ weapons and gear, battle zombies and raiders, craft new items to your heart's content, and fight the evil organization behind it all! A free to play action and strategy game, it's easily the most advanced browser Flash game yet!

Often worn by crazed survivors believing that the world they live in is all one gigantic computer game, it became extremely popular on the fifth anniversary of the founding of the first survivor compounds in Union City.


It is purely cosmetic and has no effect on gameplay.

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