Welcome, survivors. Here, you'll find tips and tricks on how to make it safely to Union Island in The Last Stand: Union City.


Early GameEdit

Weapons obtained here are usually damaged or low quality. It's best to invest in the Luck skill, then farm out zombie drops to obtain higher grade weapons. Melees are the weapon of choice here, as the beginner ranged weapons are weak and inaccurate. While bladed melees deal more damage or attack more quickly, their knockback is low compared to blunt weapons. This makes bladed weapons better for those more experienced with melee, and blunt for those who are not. With a decent amount of Luck points, players should obtain some decent weapons after a lot of farming. As most points should be in Luck, gun skills are probably low, so it's desirable to get a weapon with an accuracy boosting attachment, like Scoped or Custom Stock. Pistols are the weapon of choice for early game due to their common ammo drops and the weak zombies.

Mid GameEdit

Players should now have a much larger arsenal with access to Submachine Guns and Shotguns. SMGs capitalize on fire rate, using that to compensate for low damage and accuracy. Shotguns fire a spread of bullets that while inaccurate, packs a wallop if most of them hit. For sake of ammo conservation, it's best to stick to melees and pistols here. But in case of emergency, a submachine gun would be better. Guns like the UMP45 that use a somewhat uncommon ammunition type can have their ammo purchased at King-O-Pawn, given the player has enough cash.

Mid Late GameEdit

Now with access to most, if not all, weapons available, players can readily defend themselves. Melees prove to be still useful, but not as much, so guns should be used more to compensate. However, players will find the use of assault rifles and rifles limited due to their ammo scarcity. The assault rifles are best used in case of emergency. Special weapons like the grenade launcher and RPG should be used sparingly

Attributes and SkillsEdit

UC-Guide Skills

The skills page.

There are two forms of skills you can invest in. Attributes are Strength, Endurance, Precision, Intellect, and Luck. Upgrading an attribute adds a point to each skill in its category and increases their maximum level, in addition to any other benefits it may provide.

Skills are divided into their own categories, each associated with a specific attribute.


Increases Max Carry Weight.

  • Blunt - Skill with blunt weapons such as bats, clubs and hammers. Determines the damage inflicted by these weapons.
  • Blades - Skill with bladed weapons such as knives, axes, and chainsaws. Determines the damage inflicted by these weapons.


  • Pistols - Skill with handguns including semi-automatics and revolvers. Determines the accuracy, and damage inflicted by these weapons.
  • Long Guns - Skill with long barreled weapons including rifles, and shotguns. Determines the accuracy, and damage inflicted by these weapons.
  • Automatics - Skill with automatics, assault rifles, and sub-machine guns. Determines the accuracy, and damage inflicted by these weapons.
  • Special Weapons - Skill with special weapons including launchers. Determines the accuracy, and damage inflicted by these weapons.


  • Smarts - General mental ability. Helps with trade, getting a larger benefit from books, and earning extra XP.
  • Security - Ability to get past security of all types including locked doors, and digital security.
  • Searching - Ability to find additional items when searching. Reduces the amount of junk found.
  • First Aid - Able to treat wounds effectively and quickly. Increase benefit from health items.


Increases maximum Health.

  • Fitness - Physical fitness ability. Reduces the amount of stamina, used when shoving, jumping, and using melee weapons.
  • Survival - General endurance for withstanding a survival situation. Reduces requirements for food, and increase damage resistance.


Increases the chances of getting critical hits and better items from killing backpack zombies and searching containers.


Early GameEdit

At the start of the game you should mainly invest your attribute points into Luck to build a foundation for getting better weapons. You should ignore Strength, and Precision skills as zombies are too weak early on. Generally investing into security, and searching is a good start. Security should only be upgraded to the 40's, as many locks in the game do not require anything above that.

Survival isn't as important to you if you play Run & Gun, rather than Survivor. Fitness should be given a fair base, but shouldn't be heavily relied on for the future. Pistols can be upgraded optionally, however they become obsolete once you get your hands on an Uzi, or a MP5.

Brookvale-Canal ParkEdit

In Brookvale, you should focus on getting your intellect skills while the zombies are still weak. They will help a lot in the later game. Luck should be your primary attribute if you plan on getting quality weapons. Otherwise, you should be able to cruise through easily.

Once you reach Canal Park, it starts the end of the Early Game. At this point, you should have your intellect and endurance skills upgraded enough to be effective towards the course of the rest of the game. King has set up his famous pawn shop here. You should choose your weapon carefully, as you will be upgrading it throughout the Middle Game.

Middle GameEdit

Once you enter Newtown, you also enter the Middle Game. You have the base upgrades that you need, so it's time to focus on the intermediate skills. Now that you most likely have a SMG or better weapon, you should work on precision, and strength skills. This will make your weapons devastatingly effective, and it will be helpful against tougher zombies.

When you're upgrading your attributes, you should focus on Strength, and Endurance. You could also invest in luck, but it might become a problem when you face against heavily armored zombies. Strength increases your carry weight, which is critical in the late game for carrying heavy RPG's. Endurance bumps up your health, making you harder to kill. The road ahead gets only harder, so you should prepare for it in advance.

Making moneyEdit

Cash is required to purchase items at King-o-Pawn stores, which can be extremely beneficial to players, especially later on in the game. Take note: these methods are only efficient on "Run & Gun" difficulty. Performing these methods on "Survival" mode will simply end up consuming all of the players' food items and rations.

By zombie dropsEdit

Backpack zombies will typically drop large quantities of cash, weapons, and food items.

Level 5-15Edit

Find a large and comfortable area to camp in, preferably outdoors, and wait for horde attacks. When there are no attacks ongoing, "patrol" the street by walking from the left side of the area to the right, and back again. This method is not nearly as effective as the other methods that will be covered later, but it'll do for now.

Level 15-20Edit

When you feel ready, go to the Military Base in Waterside. Make sure you bring a strong melee weapon or a decent ranged weapon with plenty of ammo. Wait for a horde to attack, which should include 1 or 2 zombies with a backpack. They usually drop ammo. Rarely, they will drop weapons like the AK47 or M24.

Level 20-25Edit

By this stage, you should have great weaponry and high stats. Make sure you have a melee weapon that deals at least 35 Damage. Now, you're going to spend a lot of time waiting for horde attacks, which usually include a lot of Armored Zombies. You will also see quite a few Riot Zombies. Either shoot the top of their heads with a Rifle, or crouch and hit their legs with a melee weapon.

By scavengingEdit

Scavenging containers produce a fixed amount of cash, plus any lucky finds the player obtains. Increasing the Scavenging skill helps in this.

By Liking/Following Con Artist GamesEdit

There is a red bar at the top of the map travel screen. Clicking on it gives the option to like "The Last Stand" on Facebook and Follow it on Twitter. There's no need to actually do either, simply clicking on them will grant the player $500 each. This only works once.
TLSUC follow The Last Stand series

The pop-up allowing you to earn extra cash.

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