Not to be confused with Goggles.
Tactical Goggles
Tactical Goggles

The Last Stand: Dead Zone


+1% Health



The Tactical Goggles is an accessory featured in The Last Stand: Dead Zone. They are described as protective goggles with a head strap.


Protective eye goggles with strap.


Tactical goggles are designed for combat and hazardous environments using beefed up components and lenses to handle extreme conditions and impact hazards. Most goggles use ballistic rated lenses for impact protection, usually exceeding normal industrial impact standards to be battlefield qualified. Some also feature interchangeable lenses for day/night ops and protective cases for storage when not in use.

Issued to members of police ERTs, military units and private security forces.


In addition to altering a survivor's appearance, they provide a 1% bonus to Health.

How to obtainEdit

They can be found scavenging in the Dead Zone, or through supply boxes and packages.

Recycling productsEdit

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