Infobox weapon

Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)
This template is used on weapon pages. It displays the stats of the weapon, along with an image and any additional information.
To use this template, there is an option of the right panel of the editor that should allow you to add the template and any necessary parameters. You can also add it by adding the following (plus any necessary parameters):
 {{Infobox weapon
 |image                       = 
 |name                        = 
 |game                        = 
 |Real Life Name              = 
 |Damage Lvl                  = 
 |Fire Mode                   = 
 |Ammunition                  = 
 |Ammo Cost                   = 
 |Range                       = 
 |Minimum Effective Range     = 
 |Aim Time                    = 
 |Attacks Per Second          = 
 |Damage                      = 
 |Knockback                   = 
 |Accuracy                    = 
 |Noise                       = 
 |Reload Speed                = 
 |Magazine Size               = 
 |Weight                      = 
 |Move Penalty                = 
 |Other Effects               = 
Deprecated parameters

The following parameters have been deprecated. They will still work for backwards compatibility purposes, but you should avoid using them whenever possible. They may become unavailable at any time.

  • Union City Damage: This parameter has been replaced with Damage.
  • Dead Zone Damage: This parameter has been replaced with Damage.
  • {{Gunbox}} - the template's original name. It has been retained for backwards compatibility.

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