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Promotional image released by the game developers showing the road leading to Union City. A sign indicating that the city is eleven miles away is visible on the right. The name of the game is visible across the top, and the words Welcome to the Beginning can be seen at the bottom.

The Last Stand: Union City, often abbreviated as TLS:UC or UC, is the third game in The Last Stand series. It was released on July 20, 2011 on Armor Games, September 25, 2011 on Kongregate, and September 27, 2011 on Newgrounds.


Welcome to the beginning.

A worldwide epidemic has just occurred, causing the infected to die and then rise as monstrous undead cannibals. The U.S. government struggles to keep order, but each day they lose more ground to the swelling hordes now roaming the countryside and the city streets.

The end has finally come; it was only just a matter of time.

You, the player, must now take on the role of a resident of Union City — a fictional metropolis located on the east coast of North America. Amidst the chaos of a zombie apocalypse, the player must survive by scavenging for food, weapons and other supplies, finding safehouses to take shelter in, and fighting off the city's infected population, whilst meeting other survivors along the way who may accompany the player and/or give them various quests to complete, all in lieu of fulfilling the game's main storyline: to find your spouse, who is lost somewhere in the city.


The story begins when the player, driving home to Union City from work, collides with a zombie, which kills it but also causes the player's car to crash into a telephone pole. As the player exits their ruined car, they see other damaged and abandoned cars scattered all over the road leading into the city. The player then helps another survivor cut through a military fence blocking off access to the city.

After this, the player fights their way to their apartment in Brookvale, where they find a note written on the wall by their spouse, who has left to help out at the Hospital in Canal Park. Once they reach the Hospital, however, they find that their spouse had been taken to the local Stadium by the military, along with several other survivors. The player then fights their way to the Stadium, passing through Newtown and Uptown along the way.

After visiting the Stadium, it is revealed (with the help of Barry, another survivor) that HERC,[n 1] the organization charged with containing the outbreak, has taken the player's spouse for experimentation at one of their outposts located in Uptown, revealing a deeper conspiracy likely involved with the eradication (or creation) of the undead. After the player escapes the quarantined Stadium, they fight their way back to Uptown.

The player saves their spouse, who is nursing a zombie bite on their shoulder, from the HERC Outpost and escapes to the Docks. The couple meets Jack (the protagonist of The Last Stand and The Last Stand 2), who is leading a group of survivors, who informs them all but one boat had been destroyed, with the last one being defended by HERC.[n 2] After destroying the obstructions set up by HERC, the player and their spouse (and their companion if still alive) finally escape Union City, leaving Jack and his crew behind, who state they will find another way out.

In the final cutscene, however, the boat stalls, likely from engine failure or lack of fuel. Just before the screen fades to black, a familiar growling noise is heard...


The Last Stand: Union City introduced many new features to the series, such as an inventory system, a level up system, day and night cycles, as well as Achievements.

Weapon Attachments and Conditions[]

Main article: Weapon Attachments and Conditions

Weapon Attachments and Conditions affect the various statistics possessed by weapons.


Main article: Clothing

There are various different articles of clothing available to wear, most of which are purely cosmetic.

Stats and Skills[]

Stats are attributes like physical strength and intelligence, while Skills determine the player character's ability at performing specific tasks, such as firing pistols or picking locks.

See Category:Character Stats and Category:Skills for full listings.

Skill Books[]

Main article: Books

Skill Books can be used to increase certain skills, depending on the book being used. Reading a Skill Book consumes it.


Supplies are a requirement for survivors to get by in Union City, as they help to heal wounds and satisfy your growling stomach. They are divided into food and drink and medical supplies. The effects of food and drink vary depending on the game mode chosen.

Survival Kit[]

Main article: Survival Kit

The Survival Kit is a premium game-addon that adds many new features, such as bonus clothing, new weapons, increased storage space, and more. Originally it could be purchased with an Armor Games account through PayPal for as little as 0.01 USD (1 cent). As of August 1, 2016, it is free and automatically available to all players on Armor Games.[1]


You can view your available quests by accessing the Journal.

The side quests given by Darnel Brown consist of items which you have to find and return to him. Since most of them are classed as Junk, they'll be listed here so the player knows what not to throw away.

See Quest for a full listing.


See Union City Weapons.

Tips and Tricks[]

Main article: TLS:UC Tips and Tricks

See TLS:UC Tips and Tricks and Elgo1819's guide to TLS:UC.


See The Last Stand: Union City Development Timeline.


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  • There are posters for a "Hip Hop Ninja" located throughout the city. This may be a reference to the Fast4Ward iPhone app "Hip Hop Ninja".
  • There are posters for a game called BattleCraft located throughout the city. This may be a reference to the Warcraft series of video games by Blizzard Entertainment. It may also be a reference to the Battlefield series of first-person shooters by Electronic Arts.
  • The Red Rum, located in Newtown, is a reference to the novel and movie "The Shining", by Stephen King.
  • Union City might be based on its real-life counterpart in New Jersey, close to New York. Fort Tran is the game version of the real-life Fort Lee, which is very close to the real Union City.
  • Throughout the game, abandoned Mercedes-Benz C-Class W202 models and Generation IV Dodge Caravans can be seen on some streets.
  • The main character's car is possibly based on a mid-70s Chevrolet.


  1. Homeland Environmental Risk Control
  2. It is unknown whether there is really only one boat left. Jack uses the plural form, boats, when speaking to the player. However, only one boat is seen in the game


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