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The Last Stand is a popular series of Adobe Flash video games produced by Chris "Con" Condon. All five games are set during a zombie apocalypse, where survivors must fend off hordes of the undead to stay alive.

On July 15, 2021, "The Last Stand Legacy Collection" was released, combining The Last Stand, The Last Stand 2, and The Last Stand: Union City in one game that is compatible for modern hardware.

The Last Stand[]

Jack firing his AK47.

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The first game in the series portrays the story of a lone survivor named Jack, attempting to hold out against an unrelenting zombie horde from the safety of his fortified barricade.

The game is a multi-level base defense game broken up by rest periods where the player must search for weapons and other survivors, as well as repairing the barricade in preparation for the next wave of enemies. After holding out for 20 days, Jack and his group are rescued by a passing military helicopter.

The Last Stand 2[]

Jack shoots some zombies with a .357 Magnum.

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The second game in the series; it follows Jack, the same survivor from the first game. He is breathing a sigh of relief in the rescue helicopter when one of his group members turns out to be infected. The resulting chaos causes the helicopter to crash, with Jack as the only survivor.

This game illustrates his trek towards Union City, where news of a final evacuation is said to be taking place in 40 days. It possesses the same mechanics as The Last Stand, except the player must now travel across a map through different towns in order to reach safety, and must gather weapons, survivors, and supplies along the way.

The Last Stand: Union City[]

A survivor battling zombies with an M249 SAW.

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The third game in the series; it takes place during and shortly after the events of The Last Stand 2, and follows the story of a citizen of Union City, whose return to Union City after a hard day's work is rudely interrupted when they crash into a zombie. Now, they must fight their way through the zombie hordes in search of their spouse and after that, escape Union City.

Unlike the previous games in the series, it is an RPG, though it retains the same controls and 2D side-view perspective. The player does not control Jack and instead creates their own custom survivor, who can level up by gaining XP from quests, killing enemies, and scavenging, after which the player is allowed to upgrade their stats and skill sets as they see fit.

The Last Stand: Dead Zone[]

Survivors defending against a horde attack.

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The fourth game in the series takes place in the titular Dead Zone, Union City after it has been abandoned by HERC and the military. The player is a Leader of a compound within the Dead Zone, and must keep their band of survivors alive.

Making an even bigger departure from the rest of the series, it is a 3D isometric tactical RPG/social game. Just like The Last Stand: Union City, the player creates their own survivor, the Leader, who can level up by gaining XP. All survivors are now controllable in gameplay, and each can level up as well. The player must also maintain and expand their compound by scavenging resources and constructing new buildings.

The Last Stand: Aftermath[]

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The fifth game in the series takes place 15 years after the events of The Last Stand: Union City, and follows the lives of survivors that have been cast out of "The End", a compound in Union City that served as the final bastion of hope from the infected. These survivors must make their last stand on their own out in the wilderness, doing whatever they can to make the lives of the community they left behind better before succumbing to the infection.