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Policies provides a guideline that all editors should normally follow. Major changes, proposals, or other policy-related matters should be discussed at the Watercooler forum first.
Walnut This page in a nutshell: Unless the edits are clearly unconstructive, assume that editors are here to help out on the wiki, not to hurt it.
See also: Help:Assume good faith.

Assuming good faith is a principle practiced on most wikis, including Wikipedia and Wikia. It is the assumption that editors' edits and comments are made in good faith. Most people try to help a project, not hurt it. If this weren't the case, the idea of a "wiki" would be doomed from the very beginning.

When assuming good faith, remain cool, calm, and polite when disagreements occur. Refrain from edit warring and flaming users, and work the issue out via discussion. Come to a consensus that everyone can walk away from feeling satisfied.

Remember that everybody makes mistakes, and that it is important to understand that when an editor makes a bad edit (that isn't vandalism), they probably didn't mean it. A polite reminder is usually all that's needed to extinguish the flames before they start.

Good faith should not be confused with bad faith, where an editor is deliberately trying to destroy the wiki. Such cases are considered vandalism, and should not be treated the same way as good faith (although issuing a warning to stop disruptive editing is fairly similar to a polite reminder to stop unsatisfactory edits).

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