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Policies provides a guideline that all editors should normally follow. Major changes, proposals, or other policy-related matters should be discussed at the Watercooler forum first.
Walnut.png This page in a nutshell: Don't be afraid to edit the wiki! If you see something that can be improved, click the Edit button and improve it! In short...


The Last Stand Wiki is a wiki. Wikis develop faster if its newcomers be bold and fix things. If you are a newcomer and see something that is wrong, or could be expanded or improved, you do not need to go to the forums or an administrator's talk page asking if you can edit. Of course you can edit!

The Last Stand Wiki is not only open to the idea of newcomers jumping in to help, but encourages it. There is so much to do, and we can't do it without your help! Wikis would fail if it discouraged or prevented newcomers from editing. Wikis are communities that require both experienced and new editors to produce a final product that looks better every day.

Don't get upset if your bold edits get reverted! Yes, well, this can happen, but remember that we're not reverting your edit because we hate you. Sometimes it's necessary to preserve the quality of the page. Other times, we might think your changes are unexpected and want to discuss it first. In all cases, it's a learning point. A wiki is all about Trial and Error, so if you make a mistake, don't fret about it. Remember the old saying: "A man who cannot make mistakes cannot do anything." --Bernard Magazine[1]

...but please be careful![edit source]

No, we're not suddenly discouraging bold edits. We're just asking you to be careful! It's important to use common sense when editing, and to always use the preview button to check for mistakes! And even if you do unknowingly break something, don't be scared about letting us all down. Since every revision of a page is stored in the page history, fixing a broken page only takes a few clicks. Don't be insulted if your changes are reverted or edited further. When in doubt, just ask.

Remember this very simple phrase: BOLD, revert, discuss. In other words, Be Bold in editing pages, but if someone reverts your edit, don't revert them back. Instead, talk to them! You can contact users directly through their message wall, or discuss the article in the comments section or the talk page. You can also head over to the Watercooler and carry out your discussion there. Remember - discussion is key to keeping a wiki's gears turning.

But I'm still confused... are you saying that I can't edit?[edit source]

No! We're saying that you should go ahead and make your edits without asking first, but to please use common sense before doing so. But of course, if you find this page overwhelming, just do it! Anything you break can be repaired very easily. We'll be there to help you!

I'm feeling confident! Where should I start?[edit source]

Check out the Community Portal and the To-do list for things to do! We wish you luck!

Notes[edit source]

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