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The Last Stand Wiki has a public chat room for its users to communicate with each other in real time. This has an advantage over using message walls, which must be reloaded in order for new messages to appear.

Chat may be accessed by clicking the "Start a Chat" or "Join the Chat" button below:

Live! Chat

Chat rulesEdit

Chat may be used to discuss any topic that is appropriate, even those not related to the wiki or its series. Chat should be a comfortable and enjoyable environment, and should be kept appropriate for everyone.

What you may do in chatEdit

  • Discuss improvements to the wiki, such as new articles, improving existing ones, or resolving an edit dispute.
  • Discuss anything about the game series, such as tips and tricks, how to complete a quest/task/achievement, or suggestions for the game (Note that the game developers do not frequent chat, so consider posting your suggestion on the official forums instead).
  • Discuss any topic you want, including those not related to the game at all, providing that it is appropriate for a general audience.

What you may NOT do in chatEdit

  • Harass, troll, flame, or attack other users in chat.
  • Disrupt chat by spamming or flooding the room.
  • Annoy or irritate other users in chat, to the point that being in chat is more of a pain than a leisurely activity.
  • Discuss illegal activities, such as hacking, warez, piracy, cracking, etc.
  • Discuss topics inappropriate for a general audience, such as pornography.
  • Post anyone's real life information without permission.
  • Using sockpuppet accounts to attempt to "simulate" discussions, or to gain hold of an argument.
  • Creating ASCII art. As impressive as such creations may seem, this is not the place for it.
  • Show disrespect for chat moderators. Chat moderators are users marked with a star next to their username. They are volunteer users that dedicate their time to keeping chat safe and comfortable for all users. They are often busy users IRL, so please respect their important jobs and their busy work schedules. If they ask you to stop being a jerk, it means that they feel your behavior is not appropriate for chat and that it might be time for you to stop.

In short...Edit

If you think that the rules above are overwhelming... don't sweat it. Most of it is really just common sense — just be on your best behavior, don't annoy anyone, and relax! It's that simple.

Chat moderatorsEdit

Moderators are users with a star next to their username in chat. They have the ability to kick and ban users, and are there to help maintain the comfortable atmosphere in chat. All administrators have chat moderator abilities by default, and they can grant chat moderator status to any individual user, even if they are not an administrator.

Chat kicksEdit

Moderators may kick a disruptive user out as a "warning". The user is automatically removed from the chat room and is disconnected. Moderators may usually issue a warning via a private message before deciding to kick. A kick does not bar users from rejoining the chat room. A user who has been kicked may rejoin the chat room and resume chatting like normal. Kicks are not logged, and their effects are temporary.

Chat bansEdit

Moderators may ban a disruptive user from chat, usually after a kick or warning via PM. Users that are banned are removed from chat and may not rejoin until the ban expires or is lifted. An explanation for the ban will be provided in the ban reason, and a message may be left on the message wall of the user.

A user who is banned from chat is not blocked from editing the wiki, unless an on-wiki block has also been set by an administrator. Thus, they may continue to contribute positively to the wiki, or appeal their ban by talking with the moderator that banned them.

A user who is blocked from editing the wiki may not join chat. However, if they are in chat when they were blocked, they may remain indefinitely until they leave.

Chat bans are publicly logged. They are viewable here.

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