In addition to its on-wiki chat system, provided by Wikia, The Last Stand Wiki also operates an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) Channel on the freenode network. It is registered as #wikia-tlaststand.

Other than the fact that it differs technically from Wikia chat, the rules for chat (highlighted at The Last Stand Wiki:Chat#Chat rules) are the same on the IRC channel. The main differences are:

  • Wikia chat requires an account with Wikia in order to join. IRC does not require a Wikia account, but you may need to create a "NickServ" account to join certain channels, depending on the circumstances (normally, our IRC channel does not require a NickServ account).
  • Chat moderators on Wikia chat are marked with a star. On-wiki administrators automatically have chat moderator status, and users can be specifically given chat moderator status. On IRC, moderators are referred to as "channel operators" or "chanops". Administrators are not automatically given chanop status. Chanops are marked with an "@" beside their name, but they may not wear their "@" all the time.
  • Chatting on IRC requires that you abide by freenode's policies.

If you're new to IRC in general, please see our "Getting started" page for the basics.

Joining the channelEdit

To join our IRC channel, you will need an IRC client. You can use the web-based IRC client below, or you can download and use one of the clients listed here:

  • Chatzilla - a free IRC client for Firefox.
  • mIRC - a client for Windows which isn't free but there is a 30 day free trial and you can purchase it if you wish.
  • HexChat - a free version of XChat for Windows.
  • Colloquy - an IRC client for Mac OS X.
  • Rooms - an IRC client for iOS which is not free.
  • AndChat - a free IRC client for Android OS.
See also: wikipedia:Comparison of Internet Relay Chat clients.

Once you have set up and configured your IRC client, you may click here to join #wikia-tlaststand; otherwise, follow the instructions below.

Browser connect via webchatEdit

If you do not have a standalone IRC client, or if you just want to connect to our IRC channel without the need for installing additional software, you can use the qwebirc client. To join, follow these instructions:

  1. Type in a nickname in the "Nickname" field. It's best if this is the same as your on-wiki username. Please note that spaces, periods, and some other characters are not supported in IRC nicknames. You can substitute spaces with underscores (like this: _ ).
  2. If you have a NickServ account, click "Auth to services" and enter your NickServ password. If you don't have a NickServ account, just ignore it (you will be able to create a NickServ account later).
  3. Do the reCAPTCHA to prove that you are not an evil bot
  4. Click "Connect" to access freenode

You should be automatically directed to our IRC channel; if not, type in /join #wikia-tlaststand and press Enter.

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You can leave IRC at any time by simply closing this page, or by using the /quit command.

Registering with NickServEdit

If you frequent IRC, you may want to stake your claim on the nickname you choose so no one else can use it. Or, depending on the circumstances, you may not be able to join our channel without a NickServ account.

To create a NickServ account, please see this page.

Channel operatorsEdit

Currently, K6ka is the only channel operator on #wikia-tlaststand. Keep in mind that he connects to IRC via a bouncer, so he'll appear to be online even when he isn't. Please be patient in waiting for a reply.

IRC botsEdit

Listed below are the bots on #wikia-tlaststand. Please remember that these are not humans.

  • ChanServ is freenode's channel services bot. It manages the registration of the channel on the network and controls access to the channel. ChanServ will never see channel messages; for help, please use the /msg ChanServ help command.
  • wm-bot is a bot used in several Wikimedia channels. It generates a statistics page for the channel, among other tasks. Information about the bot can be found at m:wm-bot. The bot's access to #wikia-tlaststand is controlled by K6ka.

Help! I can't join IRC!Edit

There may be some reasons why you cannot join #wikia-tlaststand:

  • The channel is currently set to "+r" (registered only). You must register a NickServ account in order to join - see the section "Registering with NickServ" above.
  • You are currently banned from the channel (+b), or your hostname matches a ban. This may or may not be your fault. If you are banned, you will usually be redirected to the channel's "overflow" channel, at #wikia-tlaststand-overflow. To get assistance for a ban, you may contact k6ka on his message wall, or private message him on IRC by typing /msg k6ka <your message>.
  • The ports 6665, 6666, 6667, 6697 (SSL only), 7000 (SSL only), 7070 (SSL only), 8000, 8001 or 8002 are not open on your Internet connection. If these ports are not open, you will not be able to connect to freenode servers. Talk with your network administrator to get them unblocked. Alternatively, you may use the Kiwi IRC web client.
  • freenode servers are currently down, or are currently experiencing a netsplit. Try again later.

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