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Policies provides a guideline that all editors should normally follow. Major changes, proposals, or other policy-related matters should be discussed at the Watercooler forum first.

Each page on the wiki must be given a proper title. Generally, the title should precisely match the actual name of the item in-game. For instance, MP5 and not H&K MP5. Pages that do not follow this policy will be renamed accordingly.


Currently there is only one exception to this rule - if a particular weapon appears in multiple games (share the same or a very similar name), the page title should be "WEAPON NAME AS DEPICTED IN-GAME (TITLE OF GAME IN ABBREVIATIONS)". For example: M24 (TLS:UC) and M-24 (TLS:DZ).

Why This Policy?Edit

When readers go on a wiki to search for an object in-game, they typically type in the name of the object exactly as it appears in game in the search bar. For instance, if a reader was looking for XM8, they are probably not going to type "H&K XM8". It is important that articles are easy for readers to find.

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