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Welcome to the Dead Zone, survivor.
Tlsdz checklist

What we need to get done...

This is what we need to work on. We need all the help we can get, so do not hesitate to pitch in and help out!

Have a new task? Completed an existing task and want to remove it? Edit the page and make your desired changes, or, if you are unsure, ask at the talk page!
Any discussion relating to the wiki should go in the Watercooler forum.


Perpetual tasksEdit

  • Books (update effect range, include a screenshot of the book if not already present)
  • Dead Zone Locations (update number and positioning of zombie spawns for all locations)
  • Dead Zone Weapons (Base level stats with no conditions on them. Also, if you find a weapon through scavenging that's below the indicated base level under How to obtain, please update it appropriately.)
  • Tasks (if there is a task that is not listed on the article, please add it along with any appropriate information)
  • Rare/Unique (names only, no images please!)
  • Locate pages on the Spanish wiki that do not have interlanguage links, find the relevant article on The Last Stand Wiki, and set up an interlanguage link on both articles! This helps bring the two wikis closer together.
  • Patrol maintenance categories routinely and fix any issues that arise.

Current tasksEdit