• Sorry about the late notice regarding images and categories. Never thought someone would help me out!

    Remember that Category:Dead Zone and Category:Union City are used in images that are found in-game. Do not add these categories to an image of a real life weapon - we use Category:Real Life Images instead. For something like the icon for a book in TLS:DZ, that icon can be categorized into Category:Dead Zone because that icon is found in-game - for example, File:Bull_in_a_China_Shop.PNG belongs in Category:Dead Zone as well as Category:Books.

    Images of food and drink do not need to be added to Category:Resource or Category:Feature. They must be added at Category:Food and Drink and Category:Dead Zone or Union City, depending on the above.

    Images of weapons, regardless of them being in-game or not, should be included in Category:Weapons, and then the weapon category, such as Category:Pistol or Category:Automatic. Then add Category:TLS Weapons, Category:TLS2 Weapons, Category:UC Weapons, and Category:DZ Weapons, depending on which game it came from. For UC and DZ, remember to add Category:Union City or Category:Dead Zone, as usual. If the image is not found in any of the games, add Category:Real Life Images, but only if it's actually a real life image (Images from L4D2 shouldn't be placed in either category - just add Weapons and the weapon type category).

    All images of gears should have Category:Gear, as well as Category:Passive Gear or Category:Active Gear. Oh, and of course, Category:Dead Zone. Duh!

    Images of schematics should be included in Category:Schematics, as well as the weapon/gear categorizing scheme mentioned above. Even I forget to do it, but remember to add Category:Crafting for images of schematics. Oh, by the way, if it's a normal weapon and it can be crafted, the image doesn't need to have Category:Crafting.

    I know this seems daunting and I really should write it down in a formal project page, but I'm really glad you took initiative, so I'm just giving you a quick guide to help you out.

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    • Ah, thanks for the guide, probably would help me in the long run. Some categories I found out about half-way and I am now slapping myself for not noticing earlier.

      There's a lot of random images that are just there for no reason, some aren't even game related. (Atomic troll bomb? Really?) We can either keep them, or delete them from normal user's eyes.

      Hope I'm still logged in.

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    • Yeah - recently I've been hacking and slashing away at unused images, though I'm somewhat hesitant on some of them. The thing is, they might've used it as their user avatar, and Wikia doesn't label images used in avatars as used. I could be wrong - not sure if deleting the image would delete the user's avatar, which would look really bad on us.

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    • Nice to see the Bolt Cutters page has been deleted. Wow, you guys work pretty hard on this wiki.

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    • It was my first attempt at imitating "Admin-Bot-like-editing". You put a lot of effort into this wiki as well. Everyone had their share in building the wiki as it is today.

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    • Just curious, do you have anything else planned for this wiki as of right now?

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    • More than I could write down - in fact, more than I can even think of right now. Most of them are just ideas stolen from other wikis. Others are just things that cross my mind while I'm taking a dump or in the shower, and then forgotten as soon as I wake up in the morning. Though it just reminds me that wikis will always be a work-in-progress - after all, Wikipedia will never be finished, and there is no deadline. So I think I'll live my life, take things one at a time, and not rush anything.

      First things first though - I think the new home page is looking pretty good right now. It might be up on the actual main page sometime soon, though I can't make promises.

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