• Greetings K6. I haven't touched the games in over 4 years, and naturally my interest in wiki-ing dropped, too. But to see you still going at it for all this time is truly unbelievable. You really do own up to your admin role, or as your disclaimer says, "serius biznis." Anyhow, i haven't logged in in years, but decided to do so now just to send you this salutation and wish you positivity in the future. You really are this wiki's life force lol



    P.S. What's the word from Con nowadays? Any new projects coming up?

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    • Guess i should've logged in before writing this :)

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    • Hey SHOOP, glad to see you back here.

      My interest in the series has waned greatly due to a lot of negligence on Con's end. Dead Zone hasn't received a proper update since January (the seventh anniversary passed with just recycled garbage). He's been working on a new game titled The Last Stand: Aftermath, which some are hopeful for, yet others are not.

      As you can tell, this wiki's URL got changed to "". My grievances with Wikia (who are now busy rebranding themselves as "FANDOM") have recently reached a tipping point and I've gotten to the point where I can simply no longer take whatever they do seriously anymore. I'm in the process of actually migrating another wiki off the platform because of this. I may do it with this wiki as well, although I have no plans to due to the amount of work migration takes and the fact that many of the editors around here have left.

      Nevertheless, I remain active on the Internet. I am still active on Wikipedia where I am currently an administrator. I have taken up photography as a hobby and am active on Flickr, DeviantArt, and Instagram with that respects. And although my activity on this particular wiki has dropped significantly, I still check the wiki every day to monitor recent changes and revert vandalism.

      So, welcome back! And as I can already tell, you regret the stuff your younger self did. Heh. No shame.

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