Todd sdw

Todd, standing in front of the locked gun cage.

Todd Stephens is an NPC in The Last Stand: Union City. He is a member of Union Security.


Upon entering the Union Security Safehouse, the player will be directed to Todd. Todd informs the player that Richards, another member of Union Security, ran off with the key to the gun cage, leaving everyone else defenseless.

Quest - Security FailureEdit


Talk to Todd.



Enter Penhock Station. Keep walking right, but don't enter the train yet. At the end of the subway platform, you will be able to see Richards' dead body. Search his body for the key.


The player gains access to Union Security's gun cage.


  • It is very likely that Todd is the leader and most senior of the Union Security officers.
  • While the fate of Todd and his fellow security officers are not revealed, it be can be assumed they survived the zombie apocalypse, considering the ample amount of firearms they have and their experience as officers.
  • Interestingly enough, when Todd stated that his group were defenseless, Tyrel Johnson, the officer on the first floor carries a G17 Pistol.
  • That said, it could be surmised that Todd and his companions at least have pistols as a mean of self-defense, yet are unwilling to venture out to look for Richards due to the lack of firepower or ammunition. Instead, they choose to request for the player's help finding Richards, because the players should have obtained heavier weapons by then.
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