Trading is a feature in The Last Stand: Dead Zone that allows players to exchange items and resources with each other.



A typical trade room.

Trading is Player to Player only and requires the Communication System to be set up by constructing a Radio Receiver and Radio Tower (note that both require the Leader to be Level 5). Players can trade without a Two-Way Radio.

Once the Communication System is activated, there is a separate Trade channel where players can advertise what they want or can provide to other players. Once they find someone willing to trade, clicking on that person's name and then on the Trade button on the drop down menu that results will send a trade request. Players below Level 10 cannot trade with players that are more than 5 Levels higher or lower than they are.

If the request is accepted, the trade room is brought up. Each player has 4 trade slots available, where they can offer up items for trading. It also has its own, separate chat, so they can negotiate privately.[n 1] Once a deal is struck, both players must accept the trade to carry it out. If either player adds, changes or removes an item, acceptance is reset for both players.

Each trade has a Transportation Cost in Fuel (beginning at a base cost of 10 Fuel, with an additional 5 Fuel per slot used) that both players pay. Players may also purchase a pair of Free Trade slots for 500 Fuel, which will remain available in future trades. Items placed in these slots will not count towards the transportation costs for both players, though items that are not placed in the free trade slots will still count towards the transportation cost as normal.

Any resource or inventory item can be traded, with the exception of Fuel, Infamous items, Vintage items and some event items. Stackable items like components or junk can have multiple items in a single trade slot at no extra cost, with a varying cap depending on the value of what is being traded.

Glossary of Trade TerminologyEdit

Players new to trading may be confused by the slang used by veteran traders. Below is a list of commonly used terms:

Acronym Meaning
LF Looking for
FT For trade
Max craft Crafted item with maximum crafting bonuses
Uni Unique
Keys Supply box keycards
Multi for Multiple items for; all items for
3/3 Item with damage, range, and attacks per second buffs; usually uni long rifles
2/3 Item with range and damage or attacks per second buff; damage and attacks per second is not a 2/3
4/4 A weapon with damage, range, attacks per second, and enemy suppression buffs
Nice LR Long rifle with 45+ range or a 3/3 rifle with 40+ range
Bra A uni Carrier Harness
Perm A permanent book, as in one without an expiration timer
PC Price check
Prem Premium Keycard
PM Please message/Private message
SS Sportshot Rifle
Bando (Uni) Bandolier
UCS Union City Shortcuts book
WF White Flag book


  1. The trade room chat will still function correctly even if one or both players do not have a Two-Way Radio
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