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Train Station

The Last Stand: Dead Zone

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Area + 2



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The Train Station is a location that can be searched in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.


A suburban train station


Train stations are places where passenger and/or freight trains stop and unload before "hitting the rails" once again, connecting not only states but countries too. Despite fierce competition from automobiles and airliners, some people still enjoy traveling via train as they offer comfortable reclining-seat coaches, lounge services, full-service sleepers, five-star dining, club/parlor cars, domes for unparalleled scenic views and much more. Smaller stations, like these ones, were just minor stops leading to important locations, such as Union City, but were one of the best investments communities could make as means to expand its appeal as a place for tourism and business investment.

Possible findsEdit

Level calculationEdit

The level of a Train Station is always two levels higher than the area it is located in.


Both variants are small and should pose no problem to a well-equipped, five-man team. Most of the zombies come from the adjacent streets, with Variant A having two extra zombie spawn points located on the stairs that lead to the platform: which cannot be accessed. Abandoned vehicles and luggage make most of the searchable containers. Zombie spawn rate is low but survivors should prepare in case a horde or an Elite arrives.

Assault rifles are a good choice as well as Shotguns and Submachine guns to provide a support role should the need arise.


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