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Traps are a type of defensive weaponry featured in The Last Stand 2 and a type of structure in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.

The Last Stand 2[]

The following traps are available:


The Last Stand: Dead Zone[]

Traps were implemented in patch v1.08, and can be constructed and placed throughout the compound to aid in its defense.

They are always activated when the compound is raided by players, but are off by default during zombie horde attacks, though an "Arm all traps against Infected" option is available from the "Infected Sighted" dialog. There is currently no way to only activate certain types of traps and leave others inactive; thus if the player only wants certain traps active for a zombie attack, they can move the undesired traps behind the barricades, and replace them once the attack is over. Decoy Traps, however, will not show up during a zombie attack regardless of whether all traps are armed or not.

Traps are initially hidden from view until a survivor manages to spot them. A survivor's Trap Spotting skill determines the distance from which they can spot traps. Once spotted, survivors can attempt to disarm the trap, which is affected by their Trap Disarming skill. If they fail to disarm it, the trap will be triggered instantly. Recons are best suited for spotting traps, while Engineers have the highest Trap Disarming skill out of all other survivor classes.


  • Decoy Traps can only be detected by a Recon.
  • Aside from the Wire Trap and Wheel of Misfortune, all traps are one-use only. They can be repaired, but this will consume exactly the same items as required to build them in the first place.
  • Traps don't have to be repaired after being disarmed. 

List of Traps[]