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The item as it appears in your Backpack

Undefined is a very rare glitched item in The Last Stand: Union City. If picked up and kept in the player's backpack, it will either allow for an unlimited amount of items to be carried, due to being unrestricted by weight, or it will resemble an item with infinite weight, preventing the player from moving until it is discarded. It has the same effects when placed in the safehouse storage.

Undefined may be found randomly while scavenging containers, or as a drop from backpack zombies. If dropped by a zombie, undefined appears as an invisible object, and can only be seen when the player moves their cursor over it. In the alpha versions of the game, undefined can also be obtained by using the debug console and specifying an invalid value when using the giveItem command; refer to the Commands list article for details.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In computing, undefined refers to an expression that has an invalid value despite being syntactically correct.
  • Having a high Luck stat will not increase the likelihood of finding this item.

Media[edit | edit source]

This video shows a way to obtain this glitched item.


The Last Stand Union City - Undefined Unlimited Storage

Video by Joe DF (aka Joe2microbin)

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