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Unidentified Building

The Last Stand: Dead Zone

Level calculation

Area + 3



Likely finds

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The Unidentified Building, formerly known as the Unknown Building, is a type of location that can be searched in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.


An unknown building located on a city street.


Even in the most densely populated cities, there are always some buildings whose purpose is unknown to all but a few. Whether by design or accident, nondescript exteriors, lack of signage, and/or simple obscurity can disguise the building's contents, meaning any prospective scavengers will never know what to expect within their depths.

Possible findsEdit

  • Food and water are common finds in Variant A (supermarket), less so in the other variants.
  • Medical Items are of good supply in Variant B (medical clinic).
  • Weapons, Gear and Ammunition are relatively easy to obtain in Variant C (gun store). Construction resources and office-related junk can also be found in smaller amounts.
  • Wood, Metal and components are quite common in Variant D (hardware store).

Level calculationEdit

The level of an Unknown Building is always 3 levels higher than the area it is in.


A relatively large map, the Unidentified Building features both an exterior and interior of a location. As the map is randomly generated, survivors should be prepared for anything.

A variety of weapons are preferred, considering the shape of the map. A group of five is recommended, but four survivors is doable. Be aware that the zombie spawns here are some of the largest, so prepare for the worst.

Clear out the street where you spawn in, and hold position until the coast is clear. A large horde of pre-spawned zombies will rush in, attacking any survivor in sight. An LMG or some Assault Rifles would be helpful in clearing the crowd. Allow your scavenger to search some containers until another crowd appears. Move into the building, where SMGs, Shotguns and melee weapons become very useful. After that, move into the parking lot and alleyways, and clear them out.


  • It is likely that the building was once a compound, due to the number of dead corpses, beds, and the similarities of the player's compound.


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