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A map of Union City (TLS:UC).

For the game, see The Last Stand: Union City.

Union City, also known as The Dead Zone, is a fictional metropolitan city featured in The Last Stand 2, The Last Stand: Union City, and The Last Stand: Dead Zone. It is also briefly mentioned in The Last Stand. Pre-outbreak, it had a population of 350,148,[n 1] the largest in the state.


Union City is divided into 17 districts, listed below:

  1. Trenton
  2. Green Plains
  3. Northwood
  4. Uptown
  5. Stadium
  6. Docks
  7. Union Island
  8. Riverside
  9. Brookvale
  10. Downtown (only appears in TLS:UC Alpha[n 2])
  11. Southshore (only appears in TLS:UC Alpha[n 2])
  12. Newtown
  13. Canal Park
  14. The Bricks (also mentioned in TLS:DZ Story Timeline)
  15. Alton
  16. Pinedale
  17. Waterside
  18. Union Bridge[n 3]

The Last Stand 2[]

Union City is the ultimate goal of many survivors, including the protagonist Jack, as it is the site of the last round of evacuations before the mainland is sealed off. Depending on how long he takes to reach it, he might find it intact or bombed out.

The Last Stand: Union City[]

Hence the name, the game primarily takes place within the city itself. The player takes on the role of one of its inhabitants, who left the city for work during the outbreak and returns to find that zombies have overrun most of the city, with the few remaining evacuation points heavily guarded by the military and HERC.

The areas visited in the game are mostly abandoned and are infested with zombies, though a few survivors can be found holed up inside several buildings. HERC also maintains at least three outposts in several locations across the city.


Listed in order of appearance:

  1. Pinedale
  2. Brookvale
  3. Canal Park
  4. Newtown
  5. Uptown (Occupies Southshore and Downtown in final version)
  6. Stadium
  7. Docks
  8. Waterside (Placed in Uptown's Alpha location)
  9. Union Island
  10. Whistler's Forest (Survival Kit only. Whistler's Forest is not a part of the city proper, but it is a playable location.)

The Last Stand: Dead Zone[]

Roughly about a month after the events of TLS:UC, the military and HERC withdrew from the city, and an aerial bombing campaign was carried out. This left most of the city in ruins, and all survivors within the newly declared Dead Zone were left to their own means.

Many buildings and roads across the city have been destroyed by the bombing campaign, and a series of automated defenses surrounding the city, set up by HERC, prevents either zombies or survivors from leaving. However, the fortified compounds dotting the cityscape provide sanctuaries for survivors. In addition, quite a few buildings escaped being bombed, allowing these groups to sustain themselves by scavenging for supplies.

Zombies are nearly omnipresent throughout the Dead Zone, but there is still a sizable number of survivors present (including a Russian trader named Ivan), most or all of whom are immune to the zombie virus.


  1. Riverside (Level 1-13)
  2. Trenton (Level 5-18)
  3. Stadium (Level 9)
  4. Northwood (Level 10-16)
  5. Docks (Level 15)
  6. Canal (Level 17)
  7. Union Bridge (Occupies Waterside in TLS:UC) (Level 18)
  8. Brookvale (Level 20-32)
  9. Pinedale (Level 30)
  10. Canal Park (Level 34-36)
  11. Newtown (Level 38-46)
  12. The Bricks (Level 42-44)
  13. Alton (Level 45)
  14. Uptown (Level 47)
  15. Union Island (Level 50)
  16. Waterside (Level 50)
  17. Green Plains (Level 51)


With the August 2017 Expansion update, suburbs located outside of the city proper were unlocked, allowing players to explore outside of the Dead Zone for the first time.

  1. Meadow View (Level 55)
  2. Rolling Stone Lake (Level 56)
  3. South Harbor (Level 57)



  1. While it is obvious that the map is not to scale, the population is still quite large for a city of its size. In reality, the only way to accomplish this is by increasing population density. This is clearly evident in TLS:UC, as the player encounters apartment buildings quite early on in the game
  2. 2.0 2.1 This location is occupied by Uptown in the final version.
  3. Union Bridge is not mentioned in The Last Stand: Union City. In The Last Stand: Dead Zone, Union Bridge occupies the space where Waterside was located in The Last Stand: Union City, and Waterside was located further north than originally depicted.