This article is about the organization. For the location in TLS:UC, see Union City Police Department (location).
UCPD logo in TLSUC

The logo of the UCPD as seen in The Last Stand: Union City.

The Union City Police Department, often abbreviated as the UCPD, is the police force that serves Union City. During the zombie outbreak, they attempted to maintain law and order in their respective districts of Union City, serving as a beacon of hope to those who needed help. While most officers were either evacuated, killed, or zombified, much of their equipment have been left behind.

References in the timelineEdit

The timeline in The Last Stand: Dead Zone indicates that they were the first responders to the initial outbreak, and worked alongside HERC and the military to organize quarantines.

  • Day 002 - Attacks by infected are reported as random assaults and murders. Local law enforcement request additional support from surrounding counties.
  • Day 006 - Civilians in the towns of Glendale and Claysburg begin evacuating to Union City without direction from law enforcement.
  • Day 007 - Jonestown, Glendale and Whistler's Grove law enforcement officially request government aid.
  • Day 016 - Law enforcement in coordination with HERC work to isolate civilians who occupied hospitals and public spaces.


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