Not to be confused with Union Bridge.
Union island

Union Island as it appears on the TLS:UC map

Union Island is a section of Union City in The Last Stand: Union City and The Last Stand: Dead Zone.[1][2]

The Last Stand: Union CityEdit

It has a danger level of 25, the highest in the game.

A bridge connects the island to mainland Union City. A HERC outpost has been established here, and they possess the only boats in Union City, as they destroyed all the others. The bridge to the island is blocked off by a concrete wall, which must be destroyed for the survivors to enter. After you provide Jack and his group with C4 explosives, they will destroy the wall. You and your spouse must then reach the boats.

Unfortunately, a massive zombie horde follows you through, far too many for you to fight. Your only option is to run as fast as you can. Once you reach the boat, which is guarded by Dana and Jack, the game ends.

Two hostile HERC troopers armed with XM8s guard the area just before the boat. They are in the process of being attacked by zombies as well.

The Last Stand: Dead ZoneEdit

Union island tlsdz

Union Island as seen in TLS:DZ

It unlocks when the leader reaches Level 50. The island itself is divided into three sections: Bridge, Monument and Compound.

HERC has attempted to retake Union Island as a base of operations in the Dead Zone. However, zombies have overrun parts of the HERC base, and may appear on the island.[2] Survivors have the option to raid the HERC base and obtain high-level equipment, fighting either HERC troopers or infected.


  • Union Island is likely a reference to Liberty Island in New York, USA.
  • In The Last Stand: Union City, zombies don't spawn here except during a horde attack or the final part of the game.
  • Union Island is the only section of Union City without a safehouse.
  • If Hank or Kelly is still alive on the pier leading to the boat, zombies will sometimes ignore them.
  • If Hank or Kelly is still alive once they reach the boat, they will ride in the bow of the boat in the ending (along with the player and his/her spouse).
Hercxm8 sdw

The 2 HERC troopers.

  • Despite being a HERC outpost, only two HERC troopers are seen (pictured right). It's likely that the rest have either already been evacuated or were stationed in a different part of the island.
  • When the player arrives at the pier in the final part of the game, Dana is invincible.
  • In The Last Stand: Dead Zone, there are subway tracks and trains leading into the island, despite there being no subway stations in the northern part of the city on the map.
    • It is possible that the said tracks were a special, dedicated line intended to serve only the island.
  • Union Island appears much smaller and less populated on the map than it does in the promotional pictures released.


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