"HERC Outpost" redirects here. For the command post located in the Stadium, see HERC Command Post. For the outpost on Union Island, see Union Island. For the searchable location in The Last Stand: Dead Zone, see Park or Large Park.
Hercuptownoutpost sdw

The entrance to the HERC Outpost, formerly Union Park.


Hostile HERC troopers inside the outpost.

Union Park is a park located in Uptown, a section of Union City, in The Last Stand: Union City. It is occupied by an outpost erected by HERC.

The only way into the outpost is through a locked trap door in the safehouse in the nearby Harrison & Harrison building. The required keys will be obtained after accepting the Break Out quest. Zombies will not normally spawn inside the outpost. The main gate to the outpost is guarded by two HERC troopers, and cannot be used by the player.


Hercatrocities sdw

Bodies disposed of by HERC after experimentation.


  • Union Park is likely a reference to Central Park, New York City.
  • There is a rare glitch where zombies may spawn within the park.
    Zombies unionpark

    A glitch where zombies spawn inside the park.

  • The two HERC troopers outside the outpost entrance will fire upon any infected, but may die from a single hit if they are attacked. They can also be killed by the player shoving them. If one of the HERC troopers are shoved and the game is saved and exited, returning to the game will make both troopers invincible.
    • Sometimes, shoving can freeze them.
  • If the two troopers are killed, either by zombies or by the player, zombies will not spawn inside the outpost.
  • If the player decides to save and exit the game within the first area of the outpost upon first entrance, the two troopers that attack the player will always respawn when resuming the game.
  • The two HERC troopers outside the park will not become hostile to the player even if the player had already infiltrated the outpost.
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