For the location in The Last Stand Dead Zone, see Security (Location).
Not to be confused with the Union City Police Department.

Unionsecurity sdw

Exterior of the building

Union Security is a private security organization located in Newtown, a section of Union City in The Last Stand: Union City.


After the outbreak began, one of their members, Richards, ran off with the key to their Gun Cage. Defenseless, the other members barricaded themselves in their building and turned it into a safehouse. Until the key is recovered, they are unable to leave and scavenge for supplies, or make their way to the Stadium evacuation point.





  • Interestingly, even after the key is retrieved and the gun cage is unlocked, the Union Security officers are not shown leaving the building and heading to the Stadium, like they originally planned.
  • There is an inaccessible garage door to the right of the entrance. It most likely stores the company's vehicles.


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