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Unique is an item quality featured in The Last Stand: Dead Zone. They are the rarest and also the most effective of all weapons and gear.


These one-of-a-kind weapons and gear have been customized to such an extent that they are the crème de la crème of anything that can be found within the Dead Zone. They are as difficult to find as they are effective, making them quite valuable to survivors throughout the Dead Zone.

Unique items can be scavenged during Level 4+[n 1] missions in the Dead Zone. Additionally, earning 300 points in the Raid on Union Island guarantees one as part of the Raid Haul. The background color for Unique equipment is an orange colored bounding box with an orange-colored galaxy design behind the weapon. It also features orange lettering over a brown banner in the name display.

As they are randomly generated, Unique items may share the same name despite having a different base item and stats.

Possible namesEdit

Prefix Suffix
A Admiral's, Aggressor's, Angel's, Animal, Apocalyptic, Assassin's, Astounding, Awesome Abandon, Absolver, Absolution, Advance, Advantage, Agitation, Ally, Anarchy, Angel, Animosity, Apex, Apocalypse, Armageddon, Assault, Assaulter
B Badass, Barry's, Beastly, Beelzebub's, Best Friend's, Betrayer's, Big Ol', Big Shot's, Bogeyman's, Brave, Brave Man's, Brother's, Burned Banquet, Bedlam, Benefit, Bride, Bolt, Buffet, Buster
C Captain's, Champion's, Crazy, Chaotic, Chaplin's, Chief's, Chuck's, Colossal, Con's, Conquerer's Calamity, Calm, Certainty, Chaos, Choice, Connection, Contentment, Contraption, Control, Convulsor, Correction, Courage
D Damned, Dan's, Dana's, Darnell's, Daughter's, Day, Day's, Dead, Deadly, Dead Zone's, Deathly, Death's, Decision Maker's, Deep, Defiant, Defender's, Defiant, Delicious, Deputy's, Destructive, Determined, Devastator`s, Devious, Devil's, Devilish, Devouring, Diablo's, Dictator's, Diminutive, Dishonest, Disturbed, Dr., Driven Damnation, Dander, Darkness, Dawn, Deadinator, Death, Decider, Decision, Deluge, Demise, Demon, Denial, Destruction, Devastation, Devotion, Disciple, Disorder, Doom, Downfall, Duress, Dusk, Duty
E Embrace the, Ending, Enduring, Elite, Evening Edict, Enemy, Enjoyment, Escalation, Evil, Excess, Exciter
F Faithful, Fallen, False, Fanatic's, Father's, Faultless, Ferocious, First, First Lady's, Formidable, Furious Faith, Famine, Fate, Fermenter, Fiend, Fire, Force, Fortitude, Fortune, Freedom, Frenzy, Friend, Fury, Fuseblower
G Gentleman's, Gnarly, Governor's, Gravedigger's, Grievous, Grim, Guardian's Good Fortune, Gravedigger, Grit, Guardian
H Hank's, Hazardous, Hell's, Her, Heroic, His, Hitman's, Hodgepodge, Hunter's, Huntress' Hatred, Harmony, Havoc, Heart, Homage, Honor, Hope, Horror, Humanity, Hunt
I Impending, Inconceivable, Incredible, Indomitable, Infected, Infiltrator's, Insane Indifference, Indignation, Integrity, Intervention, Intestinal Fortitude, Insecurity, Invention, Ire, Ironclad, Itch
J Jane's, Just, Justifier Journey, Justifier
K Kelly's, Kindly, King's Kin, Knack
L Ladderman's, Lady's, Last, Lasting, Last Man's, Lawman's, Leader's, Lieutenant's, Lisa's, Lone, Lucifer's Lamentation, Lawbringer, Law Bringer, Legacy, Legion, Liberty, Lord, Love, Lover, Loyalty, Luck
M Mad, Magician's, Malevolent, Mauler's, Midday, Midnight, Mighty, Mother's Madness, Magnus, Mania, Memorial, Memory, Menace, Messiah, Mettle, Morale, Mortality, Moxy
N Nature's, Necessary, Neverending, Night, Notorious Nerve, Nightmare
O Old World, Ole, One Man's, Original, Outcast's, Outlaw's, Outsider's Obsession, Obstructor, Oddball, Ordnance, Outlier, Outrage
P Partisan's, Patriot's, Peace, Perfect, Phenomenal, Powerful, Prepper's, President's, Priest's, Punishing Pain, Pandemonium, Paradigm, Passion, Partisan, Peace Maker, Pestilence, Petulance, Phosphor, Power, Prototype, Purifier
Q Quizzical
R Raider's, Ranger's, Raving, Razing, Reckless, Relenting, Relentless, Repugnant, Risk-taker's, Ruthless Rage, Rampage, Rapport, Rapture, Reaction, Reaper, Reckoning, Reconciliation, Re-Deader, Redeemer, Redemption, Redoubt, Remainder, Remembrance, Reminder, Remorse, Resentment, Resistance, Resolution, Resolve, Resurrection, Revelation, Riddle, Ruler, Rupture
S Sarge's, Satan's, Savage, Screaming, Senior's, Serenity, Sev's, Shadow, Shawn's, Shouting, Sister's, Slayer's, Slugger's, Son's, Soul, Sprinter's, Staggering, Statesman`s, Steve's, Stranger's, Striking, Survivor`s, Survivalist's Savage, Savior, Scourge, Sin, Slugger, Sobriety, Spiral, Spirit, Spoiler, Squall, Stand, Star, Staunchness, Strength, Survival
T Terrifying, Titan's, The, The Best, The Final, The Greatest, The Last, The Ultimate, Thor's, Tom's, Tomorrow's, Traveller's, True, Two Faced Temper, Tenacity, Termination, Terror, Thing-a-ma-jig, Thunder, Tomorrow, Torment, Torrent, Truth, Turmoil
U Ultimate, Ultra, Unbearable, Unbelievable, Unbroken, Uncontrollable, Undead, Unending, Undeniable, United, Unstoppable, Unusual, Urban Unity, Uproar
V Valiant, Vanguard's, Vanquished, Vengeful, Venomous, Veteran's, Vulgar Vanquisher, Vehemence, Vengeance, Vexation, Victory, Vision
W Walking, War, War's, Warden's, Warning, Warring, Warrior's, Watchful, Woodsman's, Worker's Will, Whatsit, Wrath
Y Yelling, Your
Z Zone's


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  1. Originally Level 3+; however, this was changed in an update, and Level 3 Uniques were converted to Vintage items.