Tlsuc united arms

Outside the United Arms gun store.

United Arms is a gun store located in Canal Park, a section of Union City, in The Last Stand: Union City.

There are no searchable containers here, but there is a possible survivor companion, Hank Morgan, who will only join the player if they retrieve his father's rifle from his apartment.


  • Despite being a gun store, there are no guns or ammo to be found. According to the owner, Hank, there were too many robbers to fend off during the outbreak, when total chaos and anarchy plagued the city.
  • The name "United Arms" may be a reference to an Allied poster used during World War II — it featured four Allied "United" Arms destroying the Nazi Swastika.
  • Zombies do not spawn in here, but they do enter if a horde attack is going on.
  • In the blue box in the store's sign, under "Guns, Ammo, Accessories," it says, "We Also Buy," meaning that the store also purchases used guns from customers.
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