Uptown tlsuc

Uptown as it appears on the map.

Uptown is a section in Union City in The Last Stand: Union City and The Last Stand: Dead Zone.

The Last Stand: Union CityEdit

It has a danger level of 11 and is the first area in the game where Zombie Dogs and Weapon Zombies appear.

Main StreetEdit

  1. Staff Room - the key to Room 403, a Tauron 9mm, a Kitchen Knife, a Nightwatchmen skillbook, and some 9mm ammo.
  2. Second floor hallway - a Cleaver.
  3. Room 203 - a No Zzz.
  4. Room 204 - a Martial Masters skillbook.
  5. Room 301 - a Note, $200 and Bandages.
  6. Room 302 - nothing of note.
  7. Room 304 - Pain Pills.
  8. Room 404 - nothing of note.
  9. Room 403 - an Extended Magazine G17 Pistol, $350, some 9mm ammo, and a Medkit.
  10. Room 402 - a Heavy Claw Hammer.
  11. Room 401 - nothing of note.
  12. Rooftop - a Safehouse. Contains some food, an ammo stockpile, a Hunter Compact, a G17 Pistol, Bandages, and a Medkit.

Lincoln AvenueEdit

10th AvenueEdit

  1. First room - a vending machine containing some food.
  2. Left room - contains a Note.
  3. First room on the right - Contains a Nightwatchmen skillbook.
  4. Second room on the right - Contains Bandages, a Where's Wilmo? and Businessman skillbooks
  5. Safehouse - contains a Heavy Crowbar, plus a locked trapdoor to a tunnel that leads to the HERC Outpost.
  1. Lobby - a Be Prepared skillbook.
  2. First room - a Martial Masters skillbook.
  3. Second room - a Where's Wilmo? and Be Prepared skillbooks.
  4. Third room - requires a key only obtainable in a quest from the Survival Kit. Contains 2 Be Prepared, a Wild Man, a Jacked Up and a Businessman skillbooks as well as 2 Medkits, 2 Pain Pills and Bandages. The desk drawer has $800.
  5. Second floor - 2 locked cabinets, containing Bandages, Pain Pills, and Medkits.
  6. Second floor storeroom - a Be Prepared skillbook and Bandages.

Park BoulevardEdit

  1. First floor hallway - a Handgun Owner, Batter Up! and Nightwatchmen skillbooks on a desk. The two interrogation rooms do not contain anything.
  2. Second floor, first hallway, second room - a Scoped Tauron 9mm and some 9mm ammo.
  3. Second floor, second hallway, first room - a locked cabinet with a Batter Up! skillbook, a Police Baton, and a key to the station's gun cage.
  4. UCPD gun locker - 2 M4A1s, 2 Ambrose Shotguns, a G17 Pistol, a UMP45, a Kevlar Vest - Police and large amounts of ammo.
  • A King-o-Pawn store, with a vending machine next to the entrance containing some Cash, plus food and drinks.

Union Park (HERC Outpost)Edit

The Last Stand: Dead ZoneEdit

It is unlocked when the Leader reaches Level 47.